Real Estate Commission - Reduces Your Commission With These Easy Tips


The average real estate commission in the United States is six percent of the total sale price that, with the US median house value of just under $250,000, comes out to just over $14,000. This is an enormous amount of money to pay for a commission that only a few people are truly interested in paying. Many real estate investors do not realize that they can cut the commission amount they pay dramatically, sometimes by as much as half! It's just as true for sales agents as it is for home buyers and sellers and can actually be used to save a tremendous amount of money in a year! Read more on the best cities in Atlanta.

When you work as a real estate agent, you get paid a commission on any amount of property sold for you and any number of properties you handle at one time. If you want to reduce this figure, it is possible. In fact, it is easier than ever before, and it is actually quite common for individuals to reduce the commission they receive from their real estate brokers when they are involved in smaller transactions.

You can ask your real estate agent to eliminate the commission he or she charge you for an initial visit to see a prospective buyer. Some sellers don't have the funds available to hire a professional for such an important visit, but even if they do, there are plenty of other ways to reduce commission expenses without having to hire a new agent. For example, you could negotiate a contract or agreement with the buyer's agent to waive commission altogether.

You could also ask your real estate agent to drop the commission for any repairs or improvements they may need to make to the property before it is sold. Many home buyers are willing to pay a reduced amount for repairs and improvements to make certain they get the best price possible, so this will often be a deal that will work for both parties.

You can also ask your real estate agent to waive commission if you are not satisfied with the property they sell, or they have not been able to sell it in the way you had hoped. If you have been paying an agent and still haven't seen the home you were hoping to purchase, be open to requesting that commission be waived. {if the agent has not handled the property in the way you had expected. This is particularly true if the listing agent doesn't have good relations with the seller of the property.

Another way that a real estate agent can work to reduce the amount they charge you for a commission is by negotiating a contract or agreement with a buyer's agent to waive commission altogether. This is especially true if the seller is not interested in working with a realtor at all! In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why many real estate agents will use an agent for any real estate transaction, since this gives the seller a lot more flexibility. By not using an agent, many sellers are forced to keep up with the same realtors who charge them commissions on a daily basis, thus keeping them tied up with a single company. Read more on flat fee real estate broker.

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